Custom Bookmarks


Bookmarks are a unique and savvy marketing tool with a high retention rate. A beautifully personalised bookmark will be kept as a memento in the homes and offices of your target market. 

In an ever-changing media vortex, with conflicted advice on how best to drum up consumer interest, it’s hard to know all the answers to successful marketing.  One thing we all agree on, however, is that retaining consumer attention is the ultimate goal of any successful business.  

Inktank is here to guarantee that your target market gets the memo!

Tangible and beautiful methods of promotion are essential, and extra points for creating items that won’t be cast aside in a hurry.   

When designing a bookmark, consider it a gift to your contacts and business prospects, potential customers and internal staff. Ensure that it is clear, concise, and aesthetically pleasing. Inktank will create the perfect bookmark to reflect your company and showcase your brand. 

Premium Printing 
Competitive Pricing

The options are endless, choose from fully customised shapes and sizes to suit your personal brand.  Let your imagination run wild with interesting cuts and designs and added extras such as a tassel for a touch of glamour.

We have made available free downloadable templates, that can be further customised to suit a range of business needs, so creating your perfect bookmark is simple.

Inktank boasts an infinite range of papers and finishes, from economy paper stocks through to custom, uniquely textured papers. It is also a great idea to make your bookmark stand out with the use of unusual materials, such as plastic, cork, extra thick 100% cotton paper or even metal.  

Always environmentally friendly, Inktank also offer a range of 100% recycled and FCS certified paper choices. Popular finishing includes hot foil stamping, gilded edging, laser cutting, letterpress, 3D embossing.