How Marketing Collateral benefits your Business

Marketing Collateral sets the foundation of your brand equity. Every successful business is grounded on incredible marketing. That’s why marketing collateral is incredibly important for your brand.
We could list reasons until the sun goes down, but we resisted. Here are just a few reasons marketing collateral is amazing for your brand: 


Lower Costs

 The costs for of printing collateral such as posters, flyers and   brochures are always going to be substantially lower   than advertising through television ads, magazines or billboards. A   television or magazine advertisement may cost you around 0.019   cents per impression. Whereas your marketing collateral comes in   only 0.002 cents per impression. The savings really adds up! With a   striking and distinctive design in combination with smart content –     your products are bound to be noticed by your target audience.

Brand Identity

A well-established business will always have a recognisable style across all of their marketing collateral which will in turn build a familiar identity to all clients and customers. Please keep in mind that your branding is more than just your singular logo design. It will be everything in between that presents who you are. Your marketing collateral will be the platform in which you present this.




Brand visibility

Marketing collateral are the tools used to reach your target demographic.  It becomes a powerful tool to increasing your brand visibility. Promotional stationary such as notepads can also be of a service to potential clients, as a result your message and branding is constantly being reminded, leaving a lasting acknowledgement in their minds. Studies have shown that up to 84 percent of individuals who receive promotional products as gifts, are able to recall the company they received it from.


Brand reputation

How you come across matters. This is where the importance of just the right designer and printer comes in. By having marketing collateral that exudes creative style and individuality that is of the highest quality, you ensure customers that your business is professional and subconsciously creates consumer attraction.