How Can Marketing Collateral Help Your Business?

Having the right marketing collateral is absolutely imperative for the success of your business – whether it’s a tiny start up or a well-established company. Marketing collateral, essentially refers to any documents or products about your business that help people remember your fantastic brand and though the benefits are absolutely endless – here are just a few…


Low Costs per impression

The costs for offset printing items such as posters, flyers and handouts are always going to be substantially lower than advertising through television ads, magazines or billboards. Where a television or magazine advertisement might cost you 0.019 cents per impressionable view – your marketing collateral comes in only 0.002 cents. With a striking and distinctive design in combination with interesting content – your products are also bound to be noticed by any potential customers or clients.

Establishing your brand identity

A well-established business will always have a consistent style across all of their marketing collateral which will in turn build a well-recognized identity to all clients and customers. Now, keep in mind that your branding will be more than just your singular logo design. It will be everything that encompasses your image – and this all needs to be represented throughout every piece of collateral in the same way.


Through consistently branded products such as through your posters and even promotional products like fridge magnets and notepads – your customers will always be able to recognize your brand.

Increasing your brand visibility

Because your well designed and high quality posters and pamphlets can reach such a wide demographic of people, this is always going to increase your brand visibility. Promotional stationary such as notepads can also be of a service to potential clients and can be used repeatedly which ingrains your company’s image in their mind. For example, studies have shown that up to 84 percent of individuals who receive promotional products as gifts, are able to recall the company from who they received it.


Improve your brand's reputation

This is where the importance of just the right designer and printer may come in. By having marketing collateral that exudes design, style and individuality that is of course of exceptional quality – this tells your customers that you have a dedication to perfection and excellence and that your brand can be trusted.