Craft stickers - perfect for environmentally conscious business owner

Our eco-friendly Kraft sticker paper range is well suited if you wish for this to stay on brand with your organic ethos or if you’re after an earthy, rustic and natural appeal for your business.

Our craft paper stickers are the ideal option for businesses who are environmentally conscious. 

If you’re one who prides themselves on having an organic ethos behind your brand, but still want to make an eye-catching sticker, this option is for you.

Featuring a chic rustic style, this naturally light brown sticker stock is makes a subtle statement that perfectly echoes your environmentally sound business. Best of all, the natural appeal comes in a cost-effective option, with all shapes and sizes available to your decision making.

Perfect for white ink printing, which is included as standard. It also works great with embossing and foiling.

Full colour printing is also available. 

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With state of the art printer machines and with over 100 standard stock options, Giant is the leading option for creative agencies and print service based trade operations. Where others outsource special finishes, Giant boasts every possible finish under one roof as standard- from hot foil stamping, embossing through to state of the art laser cutting and vintage letterpress.