Affordable Custom Brochure Printing


Create a stir around your brand and stand out from your competition. A frequently overlooked and vital part of your marketing portfolio, brochures stick around far longer than a click, and foster consumer engagement with your brand. 

Printed promotional material enters the homes and offices of your customer base, circulating the marketplace and reinforcing a strong brand image.  A glossy, well presented brochure gives your business a professional edge, maximizing awareness at minimal cost. 

Brochure printing can have a huge impact when done the right way, and at Inktank, we know how to do it right. 

At Inktank, we are always conscious of sustainability in our production process and have a wide range of paper choices that are 100% recycled, environmentally friendly and FCS certified.  We bring to life the creative design concept that’s in your head in a way that represents your passion and vibe with cutting edge materials and well thought out design concepts.  Our range is fully customisable, and our experienced team can advice on the format, folds, assembly and structure of the brochure. 

Perfect your
Brochure Design

The initial stage in the design process is deciding on the layout.

Consider the information necessary for your brochure and calculate your ideal page count. Remember to keep in mind the formatting, how much space may be needed for images and text.

Most standard page counts are 4,6,8,10 and 12 pages, in sizes such as DL (commonly referred to as tri fold brochure), A6, A5, A4 and A3.