Classic Uncoated, Stylishly Sophisticated, Raw naturally textured paper stickers

Contemporary uncoated paper stickers embodying a more luxurious, natural appeal over and above your standard satin, coated or laminated stocks.

Our uncoated stickers are part of our affordable economy range, perfectly suited for small business owners who don’t want to break the budget. 

What truly sets this range apart from others is that the surface of the paper lets you write directly on the labels if needed, allowing for full customisation from start to finish. 

Simple and slick, our uncoated stickers ooze an elegant look due to its unique natural texture that’s smooth to the touch. To give you plenty of choice, we offer the standard finishes which include metallic silver and gold ink printing, embossing and hot foil stamping.

Fast printing services with Australia's largest range of paper stocks and finishes at never before seen prices. State of the art printing technologies some more text here.

With state of the art printer machines and with over 100 standard stock options, Giant is the leading option for creative agencies and print service based trade operations. Where others outsource special finishes, Giant boasts every possible finish under one roof as standard- from hot foil stamping, embossing through to state of the art laser cutting and vintage letterpress.