Marketing collateral remains the sustainable and powerful tool for any successful business. Marketing collateral are forms of media used to support the sales of a product or service, often referring to brochures, posters, flyers, promotional goods and more. Here are a few reasons marketing collateral can really benefit your business:


Lower Costs per impression

The costs for printing items such as posters, flyers and other forms of handouts are always going to be substantially lower than advertising through television ads, magazines or billboards. A television or magazine advertisement might cost you 0.019 cents per impression. Whereas marketing collateral can come in at a contrasting rate of 0.002 cents per impression. Distinctive design in combination with captivating content will allow you to make the most of each impression at affordable prices. 

Build your brand identity

Think of your favourite brand. Does their brand have consistent and recognisable features? The key behind successful branding is creating a consistent brand identity that consumers can recall, recognise and relate to. Marketing collateral becomes the ultimate platform to express your brand identity to your customers. Use this opportunity to build a powerful brand that consumers will remember. 




Expand your brand visibility

Handing out your marketing collateral to consumers in naturally going to increase your brand visibility, reaching a greater audience of potential buyers. Promotional stationery such as magnets or sticky notes can be a mighty tool in increasing your brand’s exposure with consumers and build recognition. Did you know that studies have found that up to 84 percent of individuals who receive promotional products as gifts are able to recall the company that gifted it? Now that’s not something to be sneezed at!


Increase your brand’s reputation

Let’s get you the recognition you deserve. Create exceptionally high-quality and awe-inspiring designs that will capture consumer’s attention. Stand out of the crowd and build a reputation with customers for what makes your brand stand out, whether that be fun creativity, professionalism, style or some quirky difference. Build your brand’s today!