Four ways marketing collateral will benefit your business

Whether your business is big or small, there’s no denying that marketing collateral works as a powerful weapon for successful marketing. We don’t want to preach to the converted, but just in case you are not yet convinced, here are just a few reasons marketing collateral can do wonders: 


1.    Lower costs 

One misconception in marketing is that you need to spend big to have big returns. This is simply not true (and potentially even intimidating for businesses who don’t have Hollywood budgets to flash). You want to receive the highest possible return for every cent spent. The key is to spend smart and expect great returns. How does this work? Think outside of the box. A television or magazine advertisement may cost you around 0.019 cents per impression. Whereas your marketing collateral comes in only 0.002 cents per impression. When it comes down to the facts, it is hard to deny – printed marketing collateral is the smart choice.  Be creative with your content and design eye-catching designs with high quality printing to make the most of every impression, leaving ultimately the lasting impression that converts in sales. 

2.    Brand identity

You can’t build a relationship with someone you don’t know. Nothing changes when it comes to branding. Create a consistent identity that consumers can recognise and identify with. Marketing collateral becomes the powerful tool in which you share your brand identity with clients. Focus on building a consistent image with instantly recognisable style and design. 




3.    Brand visibility

Meet Bob. Bob wants to buy your goods and services, but he has never heard of your brand! Now that’s what I call a tragic horror story. Use marketing collateral to spread the message, and hey, maybe Bob will find his soulmate after all! Studies have found that 84% of consumers who receive products as gifts are likely to recall what company they received it from. Get creative with your promotional collateral by creating promotional stationery that consumers are likely to reuse such as notepads or sticky notes!


4.    Brand reputation

What to let your customers know that your product and brand is amazing? Express it with professional and stunning marketing collateral that get’s the message across. When it comes to building your brand reputation, well designed marketing collateral will be your best friend.