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Enchanting letterpress business cards



Inktank’s luxe letterpress business cards will see the lettering and logo of your business enriched and enhanced once its beautifully impressed onto one of our finest, soft 100% cotton papers carefully selected for their unique textures, hand-picked for this delicate printing process.  

Processed using this vintage hand crafting method, this technique requires expert craftsmanship and skills to produce crisp, delicate textures and detailed impression. 

You will not be left out of pocket as we pride ourselves on offering the absolute lowest prices on letterpress printing services for our valued customers all around the US, ensuring this elegant business card design is available to you at an affordable cost. 

Letterpress on White & Off White Stock

Matte Deluxe 550GSM

Most cost effective of cotton stocks, lightly textured and extra heavy 550 GSM - available in slightly off-white colour. Our most recommended stock for letterpress! 

Vintage Cotton 400GSM

Tactile heavyweight cotton stock with a vintage appearance. Available in bright white and with a cream tinge.

Pure Matte Coloured Collection

The matte stock has a clean and crisp finish, while the gloss laminate has that touch of shine and glistens under certain angles and lighting. Spot UV option available & various thicknesses to choose from: 120GSM to extra heavy & luxe 520GSM. angles and lighting. Spot UV option available & various thicknesses to choose from: 120GSM to extra heavy & luxe 520GSM.

Natural Fibre 530GSM

Super soft and heavily textured, giving your business card the perfect amount of difference and distinction you seek. Available in white, cream, tan, stone grey and midnight black.


Cotton Lux 600GSM


Pure Cotton 595GSM

Blind Letterpress on Custom Textures Duplex Paper Stock