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Branding is so much more than a good logo design, it includes everything in between from your color palette, voice, marketing direction, slogan, personality and even font used! Your brand is one of your biggest assets, so it is worth perfecting. Every successful business has consistent and well-strategized branding. Kevin Lane Keller, a Marketing Professor who became notable for writing the widely used ‘Strategic Brand Management’ famously explains the goal of strong branding with his simple ‘Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Model’.

 Keller's CBBE Model - Brand Equity

At the very core of your branding, you need to figure out what your brand identity is. How will customers recognize your brand? Who are you? Then from there, you create concepts on how you are going to be seen and perform. This is how you explain your meaning to customers through branding. Your meaning can come from your service, reliability, product design, style, price range, and on a social and psychological level. Based on these elements, your customers build their response to your brand, determining their feelings and judgments towards your brand including. The goal is to navigate your target audience into feeling specific positive feelings towards your brand, i.e. excitement or self-respect. Lastly, the ultimate goal is to build a relationship with consumers. This means they have a deep, psychological bond and loyalty towards your brand. We can all think of brands we have loyalty towards. What makes one choose Coca-Cola over another beverage brand for example? Strategic branding plays a big role in consumer behaviour, whether they are aware or not!



Brand Archetypes are specific characters in which your brand can identify with. It allows a brand to identify the who they are to the very core, in great detail. Much like any personality, each archetype has their own unique traits, strategy, philosophy, strengths, weaknesses, point of difference, tone and voice, goals, experiences, fears, approaches, style and color palettes.

The 12 Jungian archetypes were discovered through the extensive research of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist. Jung found that there were twelve archetypes (which can be separated into four main categories) that are imprinted and hardwired into our psyches. He believed when properly identified, brand archetypes would project and reflect the personalities of brands that consumers would be able to recognize and relate to, as we have already formed these archetypes in our collective conscious and subconscious.

The concept of Jungian archetypes is now commonly applied in the world of business and marketing.

12 Brand Archetypes




Carl Jung Facts

Carl Jung was a psychiatrist from Switzerland who graduated from the University of Basel and the University of Zurich. Jung initially worked with fellow psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud. However, Jung eventually went down a different path, focusing on areas of the mind that constitutes the psyche, and how they are influenced.

To his credit, he was the first to establish analytical psychology. In fact, he was responsible for advancing the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities, and the power of the unconscious.




Magician Archetype

Magician Archetype

Strategy: Develop and live out an innovative vision - imagine endless possibilities

Philosophy: Believe in turning dreams into reality

Fears: New creations or experiences that fail or lead to negative consequences, ordinariness

Your voice: Enthusiastic, charismatic, fun, visionary & transformative  

Experience: Creating magic, fun or inspiring

Associated words: Possibilities, dream, magical

Font types: Big & Bold – some subtle curves accepted in font, but never thin cursive fonts

Colors: Purple, red, blue

Opposite traits: Boredom & negativity

Customers: Don’t consider logic or rules, bound by the spell of your brand they imagine endless possibilities

 Magician S/W

Similar brands with this personality: Disney, Dyson, Snickers, Easy-Off, Pixar, TED

Magician brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Magician celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

'Bam and the dirt is gone!' - Easy Off

‘You’re not you when you’re hungry’ – Snickers



Hero Archetype

Hero Archetype

Strategy: Being competent, brave and motivated to overcome challenges

Philosophy: When there’s a will, there’s a way! We will be the rescuer you can depend on

Fears: Losing, weakness, vulnerability, lack of confidence

Your voice: Motivational, confident, disciplined, direct, proud, fast-paced  

Experience: Encouraging and celebrating achievements

Associated words: Determination, empowerment, winner

Font types: Thick, big & bold – no frills

Colors: Black, orange

Opposite traits: Fearfulness, cowardice, pessimism, quitter

Customers: Attracts customers who appreciate quality and endurance. Willing to try something new in order to help their progress.


Similar brands with this personality: Duracell, Nike, Adidas, FedEx, Gatorade

Hero brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Hero celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

'Find your greatness' - Nike

‘Race' - Duracell



Creator Archetype

Creator Archetype

Strategy: Develop artistic skills and use creative thinking to solve problems or create value

Philosophy: You are only limited by your imagination, get creative!

Fears: Creative block, no vision, or mediocre execution

Your voice: Expressive & poetic

Experience: Empowering you to create through our unique and quality product

Associated words: Create, build, innovate  

Font types: Bold without sharp edges, tend to be plump and rounded

Colors: Red, white, black, yellow

Opposite traits: Traditionalist, lazy, uninspired, follower

Customers: Your customers are creative people, seeking perfection


Similar brands with this personality: Lego, Crayola, Adobe, Pinterest, YouTube

Creator brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Creator celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

'Keep up with hovering art directors ' - Adobe

‘Keep building' – Lego



Explorer Archetype

Explorer Archetype

Strategy: Seek the unknown

Philosophy: Life is about exploring adventurous, authentic and fulfilling experiences.

Fears: Feeling trapped, empty or confirming to society.

Your voice: Enthusiastic, energetic and dynamic

Experience: Motivating, freeing and exciting you to get out there

Associated words: Freedom, independence and exploration

Font types: Big & Bold – no frills, not too thick

Colors: Green, red, blue, white, yellow 

Opposite traits: Complacency, avoidance, limitation

Customers: Fuelling thrill-seekers who are looking for their next mental and physical stimulation


Similar brands with this personality: The North Face, Jeep, Red Bull, GoPro, Kathmandu

Explorer brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Explorer Celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

‘Never stop exploring’ - The North Face

‘Don't hold back' - Jeep



Outlaw Archetype

Outlaw Archetype

Strategy: Go against the grain, disrupt or shock

Philosophy: Life is about exploring adventurous, authentic and fulfilling experiences

Fears: Being forgotten, boring, unnoticed or powerless

Your voice: Wild, blunt, raw, blatant

Experience: Encouraged to challenge the status quo

Associated words: Rebel, wild, bold, freedom

Font types: Masculine, no frills, rough edges, bold

Colors: Red, orange & black

Opposite traits: Traditional, passive, timid

Customers: People who are drawn to the wild side of life


Similar brands with this personality: Harley-Davidson, Diesel, Virgin, Music Television, World Wrestling

Outlaw brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Outlaw celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

‘Screw it, let's ride' - Harley-Davidson

'Hate Couture' – Diesel



Jester Archetype

Jester Archetype

Strategy: Be funny and playful

Philosophy: Let’s keep it light and have a good time

Fears: Being boring, disrespectful or unfunny

Your voice: Funny, self-deprecating, enthusiastic, loud, excited

Experience: Give people a good time and be spontaneous

Associated words: Joker, entertainer, light-hearted, fun

Font types: Plump, bold, curves and shapes

Colors: Brown, yellow & orange

Opposite traits: Serious, sad, boring, depressed

Customers: Most customers enjoy a bit of banter and humour, especially Jester brand customers. They are fun and playful characters!


Similar brands with this personality: M&Ms, Ben & Jerry’s, Skittles, iSelect, Fanta

Jester brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Jester Celebrities

Campaign case study examples: 'Health Cover Check' - iSelect

'Get in the bowl' - M&M



Lover Archetype

Lover Archetype

Strategy: Become attractive, build experiences that appeals  

Philosophy: You deserve to indulge and feel attractive 

Fears: Being alone, unattractive or unwanted

Your voice: Luring, affectionate and warm

Experience: Feel special, spoilt and welcomed

Associated words: Elegant, affectionate, desire, intimacy

Font types: Big characters with fine lines (not bold), very simple

Colors: Gold, black, pink, brown

Opposite traits: Hateful, unattractive, plain

Customers: Typically allured by beautiful aesthetic, glamour and elegance


Similar brands with this personality: Victoria’s Secret, Godiva, Magnum, Häagen-Dazs, Dior, Chanel

Lover brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Lover celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

'Dior, J'adore!' - Dior

'Take Pleasure Seriously' – Magnum


Caregiver Archetype

Caregiver Archetype

Strategy: Do things for others, providing protection and warmth

Philosophy: Be compassionate and always help others

Fears: Selfishness, neglect, ingratitude or forcefulness

Your voice: Gentle, warm, kind and nurturing

Experience: Feel safe and cared for - trust

Associated words: Compassionate, protection, empathy, sincerity

Font types: Italic or featuring rounded curves

Colors: Red, green

Opposite traits: Selfish, careless, bitter, cruel

Customers: Enjoys safety, security and are maternal or nurturing by nature


Similar brands with this personality: Johnson & Johnson, Salvation Army, Huggies, Vicks, Pampers

Caregiver brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Caregiver celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

'Inspired by a mother's hug' - Huggies

'Amazing Grace' - Salvation Army


Everyman Archetype

Everyman Archetype

Strategy: Be down to earth and blend in

Philosophy: We can all relate

Fears: Being left out, elitist or unwelcoming

Your voice: Laid-back and straight shooter

Experience: Making you feel a sense of belonging

Associated words: Authentic, honest, modest, realist

Font types: Big & bold • Colors: Red, blue, yellow

Opposite traits: Pretentious, superficial, arrogant, unrelatable

Customers: People are practical and doesn’t need all the extra bells whistles


Similar brands with this personality: Ikea, Volkswagen, KFC, eBay, Toyota, Costco, Budweise

Everyman brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Everyman celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

'Our table' - Budweiser

'The people's car' – Volkswagen




Innocent Archetype

Innocent Archetype

Strategy: Do the right thing, remain optimistic 

Philosophy: The glass is half full

Fears: Doing something wrong and getting punished or getting tainted

Your voice: Sweet, happy and optimistic

Experience: Positive, peaceful, and simple living

Associated words: Honest, trust, peace, harmony, purity

Font types: Avoid harsh lines, cursive fonts, rounded

Colors: Blue, red

Opposite traits: Negative, prejudice, deceptive, evil  

Customers: Seeking genuine and sincere products that makes them feel good


Similar brands with this personality: Dove, Innocent, Coca-Cola, Snuggle, Make-a-wish foundation

Innocent brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Innocent Celebrities

Campaign case study examples:

‘Tastes good, does good’ - Innocent

‘Open happiness’ - Coca-Cola


Ruler Archetype

Ruler Archetype

Strategy: Grow in authority, show exclusivity and exert leadership, power and influence

Philosophy: Be exclusive and rise above the crowd

Fears: Loss of influence, status or control

Your voice: Sophisticated, professional, educated, structured

Experience: Being in control and having exclusivity

Associated words: Leadership, influence, respect, confident

Font types: Sleek, thin, straight, tips on the ends

Colors: Black, gold, orange

Opposite traits: Follower, weak, powerless, losing

Customers: People immersed in supremacy, and wanting to be admired, noticed and respected.


Similar brands with this personality: Rolls Royce, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Rolex, Microsoft, Hugo Boss

Ruler brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Ruler celebrties

Campaign case study examples:

'A crown for every achievement' - Rolex

'No Ordinary Power' - Rolls Royce


Sage archetype

Sage Archetype

Strategy: Seek out information, knowledge, and understanding through research and analysis  

Philosophy: There is always more to learn

Fears: Being incorrect, deceived, outsmarted, ignorant, not trusted

Your voice: Decisive, intellectual, factual, extensive vocabulary, educated language

Experience: Allowing you to be in the know as you learn more

Associated words: Knowledge, truth, teacher, mentor, expertise, intelligence, education

Font types: Slim, straight and tall

Colors: Black, blue, yellow

Opposite traits: Ignorant, dishonest, irrational, uneducated

Customers: Looking to develop their mental capacity, seeking intellectual stimulation, growth in knowledge and wisdom.


Similar brands with this personality: Google, Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Morgan Stanley

Sage brands

Similar personal brands with this personality:

Sage celebrities

Campaign case study examples: '

Think again' - National Geographic

'Anything could happen' - Harvard


Now that you have discovered your brand's archetype, let it shine!