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Striking Business Cards with Embossing



Inktank’s embossed business cards bring you a striking, stunning and sophisticated 3-dimensional fashionable look and feel by the way of pushing your logo or lettering from the back of the card, resulting in a polished raised surface on the front. We can print both an embossed and debossed look for you at the one time, and debossing is essentially a result of the of the embossing on the reverse side of the paper stock.

The emboss process is a delicate one, and paper textures and thickness all affect the outcome. Please speak with your Inktank specialist today to assist you in deciding upon the ideal paper solution. 

Accentuating your business details and brand, this print technique works magically when applied on one of Inktank’s good quality and specialty textured papers. The process itself involves your design being pushed from the other side of the business card to present you with an elevated surface on the front. 

The print technique is different from raised ink printing because the latter still has a smooth and flat surface on the back whereas embossed printing has an emboss/ deboss mark on both sides. 

Extra Matte 350GSM
Uncoated Paper Stock


Velvet 330GSM
Colored Paper Stock


Royal Metallics 300GSM
Metallics Paper Stock


Suede 350GSM
Luxury Textured Paper Stock