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The spot UV finish produces a top of the range business card that has an accentuated and attention-grabbing glossy finish, printed onto silky matte laminated artboard paper. 

Bringing a luxurious feel to your business cards, this coating technique gives you that touch of shine and style when combined with rich colour printing. Spot UV achieves a high gloss contrast when it is applied against a smooth silk surface of a matte laminate. 

As its name alludes, not the entire card is coated but rather the glossy coating is only applied to specific spots on the card to highlight the important parts and pieces of information, such as the logo and text.

Inktank bring you the finest collection of Spot UV coated cards that are applied onto a matte laminate, which is a silk, satin layer of a film applied on a smooth art board paper available in thickness of up to extra heavy 420GSM card.

SPOT UV ADDS THAT UNIQUE TOUCH TO YOUR CARDSht and tower above the crowd. Three layers of raw, uncoated textured papers bonded together with a choice of 5 color seams. 

on Matte Laminated Artboard