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Raised ink printed business cards deliver that aesthetic appeal and unmatchable texture whilst promising an appealing and alluring visual impact as well as a lasting impression upon touch with its elevated features. 

The raised lettering effect accentuates each and every detail of your design, making a bold statement with its sleek and sophisticated tactile nature. When paired with Inktank’s specialty papers with unique textures and colours, this print method truly comes to life. 

The raised print process delivers a product coarser in nature in comparison to other methods such as embossing, giving your cards real character. 


The popular printing method is commonly referred to as Thermography which, together with the application of heat and a special powder during the printing process, influences the ink to rise upward from the cardstock to bring you a professional and polished business card. The powdered resin is applied to the wet ink which is then heat-infused onto the sheet of paper. 

Raised ink sits on the top of the designated printed area, showcasing a mounted effect that is achieved when the sheets of paper go through a powder bath whereby thermo powder attaches itself to the wet ink.

Bringing your business information the definition and detail it requires, this method raises the finest parts of your card to the surface with sheer beauty and minimalist brilliance.

Premium Business cards with raised lettering offers you a uniquely textured and glossy lettering and logo effect.

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Raised Ink